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Seed Certification Information System – Goes Live

Seed Certification Information System 26 March 2024

SGRR to enact a Biosecurity Levy Order – Collection of this levy will formally start 1 April, 2024.

FAR Research | Arable biosecurity levy to be enacted

SGRR Levy notification letter – 28 03 2024

Guidance on MPI’s Botanical Synonym Assessment Process 

FINAL MPI and NZGSTA’s membership guidance on the synonym assessment process_Feb 2024

End Point Royalties

End Point Royalties January 2024

Industry Facts – The NZGSTA developed a fact sheet on the vital importance of the seed sector to NZ’s economy.  The objective of the flyer is to present some quick figures in a user-friendly/readable way.

NZGSTA Industry Facts – Sept 2021

Emerging Risk System Report 22 August to 20 November 2023

25th ERS report 22 August to 20th November 2023

2023 Biosecurity Readiness Response Toolbox

2023 Biosecurity Readiness Response toolbox

GIA BMSB Strategy 2023-2028

GIA BMSB Strategy 2023-2028

Independent Graders 2019 – click on link for Grains Grader and Pulses Grader – Independent Graders

End Point Royalties 2023

End Point Royalties January 2023

History of Royalty Collection on Milling Wheat

In the 1990s a group of Industry Representatives and Flour Millers sat down to discuss the
issue of Royalty collection on Milling Wheat’s.

With more and more growers using farmer saved seed the issue was that they could see
Breeders becoming less likely to invest in New Zealand Milling Wheat cultivars
as the costs outweighed the income.

The outcome from the meeting was that they would adopt the practice of End Point Royalties.
A practice while new to New Zealand was well proven internationally.

Since the 1990s the Cultivars included in this form of Royalty collection has grown to
include some Biscuit Wheat, Feed Wheat, Triticale & Pea cultivars.

The Practice

Similar to the FAR Levy the collection of these Royalties is the responsibility of the
first purchaser from the Grower. Since the 1990s they have been deducted from
the Grower payments by the industry and the payments have been forwarded onto
the New Zealand head licensee who intern forwards them to the Breeder. (Please
note that if you are not the first purchaser from the Grower then similar to
the FAR levies you do not deduct Levies & Royalties)

NZGSTA Position

While the NZGSTA fully supports the collection of End Point Royalties and sees the
benefits to the industry at large it can only ask members to fulfil their
obligations as the system of the collection of End Point Royalties is neither
Legislated or in our Hand Book.

The NZGSTA does however draw to the attention of its members the Code of Ethics publicised
in the NZGSTA Rules and Constitution where we as an organisation agree to
“Respect the Intellectual Property Rights of the owners of Proprietary
Cultivars and patented technologies, and pay applicable royalties and levies
where required”


adobe-pdf  Update To Weights And Measures Legislation For Industry Associations

adobe-pdf  NZ Grain & Seed – Border Inspection A3 Poster

House of Representatives report on the NZGSTA briefing to Primary Production Committee 2013


Grower Seed Stewardship Guide Pamphlet