Welcome to The New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association (NZGSTA)

The New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association (NZGSTA) exists to foster the business environment for its members. NZGSTA now comprises 80 companies who not only breed seed, but also research, produce, process and market the nation’s grain and seed outputs. This involves both importing and exporting. Some NZGSTA members produce seed under contract. Others sell seed or licenses for advanced pastoral seed technologies including forages, animal-friendly fungal endophytes, pasture legumes and more.Still others make a market in cereals and pulses, to be used as feed supplements for New Zealand’s pastoral industries or for the high quality flour and bread-making industries. Other export markets include barley for use in Chinese beer, or pulses for snack foods for Japan.The New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association is an important group in our small country.

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Our Industry

New Zealand seed and grain production occupies about 150,000 hectares. The export of seed products has long been a feature of the New Zealand grain and seed industry.

The seed production areas are based in the temperate plains of the east coast of both islands with the majority of that in the South Island.

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NZGSTA Sponsors

The NZ Grain & Seed Trade Association thank our sponsors for their generosity.

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Work With Us

Working at NZGSTA means taking responsibility, mastering challenges and continuously growing as part of a diverse team.

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